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If a tool never linked, the script would not timeout and fall short because it started out executing on OnSessionReady event. Now we start instantly right after openeing and Enable items timeout if they have to.

SystemErrorLogGet - preset bug which might only get up to the 1st ">" character Therefore if which was in an error information, The complete log would not be retrieved.

Mounted bug in File decompression code which could lead to a file becoming deleted on vector re-allocation and since we think it remains to be extracted we don't re-extract and It truly is long gone.

For Serial and USB connections, when shutting down and we remain related, issue a crack for good measure.

Mounted - When sending a software without having IP table entries, consumer may be questioned to send out the default IP table.

Enhanced general performance of ethernet communications. Should really lower stalls, and greatly make improvements to textual content console and SIMPL Debugger effectiveness and reliability.

Transformed timeout for file system compaction to essentially slow query from gradual query to accomodate achievable ethernet lags.

Added comprehensive versioning to JoinInterfce and AttributedObject code when loading information from the info documents. Call for improvements for the CVersionedProfileFile (foundation of CDeviceDataProfile) to acquire a entirely resolved Variation.

Extra cancel detection in gadget class to kick the many way out when initial detection is canceled. This was building change-to retries.

Additional auto purge to disk of debug logs. Polls the moment a moment for no session action, when this occurs it checks the current memory allotted for logs and when increased compared to the Restrict specified (100MB at this time) it dumps them to disk and frees all memory.

Set serial communications where serial port could get locked because of a dropped port cope with. Needed to kill server to resolve.

Standard GUI - Fastened bug in Firmware dialog exactly where last picked file could get corrupted and therefore cause the dialog to not occur up any longer.

Preset pop up window in text console when change is pressed. Only displays when get more info change is help and also the mouse is moved.

Preset bug in FileSystemIsFile which would cause a failure for documents with an embedded comma. A paramater was staying handed being a string creating a reparse which break up the filename in two.

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